14 September, 2015

Raspberry Pi / Sony Bravia

Waiting for the Sugru to dry.
And then ... XBMC
on our Sony TV.

Glue the Pi on your TV!

The first generation of Sony Bravia had web options, but to be honest: the greatest thing here is the HDMI slot. You can connect any PC or DSLR or whatever. Behind the TV a Raspberry Pi is almost invisible. In fact it's more advanced than the intestrians of the Bravia. So why not make the RasPi permanent here? Just glue it on with some Sugru ...

The Pi Configuration

  • An Apache web server.
  • A XBMC media center.
  • X.
  • Noobs.

The remote

This post:


says, that you can connect the Pi to the Sony Bravia. Then press "Sync Menu" on the remote. And then the remote should work ...

Right now I cannot test. I'm waiting for the Sugru to harden, because I mounted the Pi behind the TV with some Sugru ...

Todo - later on

  • DMZ the Pi on the router (using this guide).
  • Figure out a method to allways have the IP address.
  • Set up a firewall with ufw.
  • Try to secure Apache.
  • And security issues in MySQL.

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