24 February, 2016

Linux Evening

Reconstructed my 8 year old server, now it serves as file server. Removed Cinnamon and the slowwww wifi manager. Installed wicd, KDE and lightdm. Added WordPress for tomorrows class.

Linux Antix Missing Icons

Solution: install some icon themes via Synaptic. QED.

15 February, 2016

MySQL World Database

I had some issues with international characters. Solution: install directly from the zip file.

If you try to install the tables at one.com:

  1. Unzip the file.
  2. Edit these lines (from line 18) like this:
-- USE world;

06 February, 2016

Texturepacker - no thanx

Tried the texturepacker for Linux. The result was a total waste of time. Here is the result:

The pictures did were turned up and down, and most of them were covered with an embarassing ad.

Verdict: apt-get remove.

Adobe Flash - or the Image Magick is much better, see my article on Multimusen.dk.

02 February, 2016

Fooling around with Modernizr and Foundation

Modernizr is an easy to use framework consisting of tests like "can my browser _____ "? You'll get a true or false.

Foundation is very much like Bootstrap. However the code seems less bloated. Foundation makes heavy use of Sass. And that's nice.

There are several tutorials e.g. on Youtube, where developers are building Foundation solutions for WordPress.