11 March, 2018

Mac and Linux

It's easy to integrate Mac and Linux. Just use the SSH protocol, e.g.:

  • SSH - for a connection.
  • SFTP - for file transfer.
  • SCP - for file copying.
Backups - use:


10 March, 2018

Hvor er Applescript Editor på dansk Mac?

Den er godt nok svær at finde; men en eller anden oversætter har valgt at kalde Applescript Editor (også kaldet Script editor) for:


Oversættelsen kan være korrekt; men det er godt nok ikke nemt at gætte. Bedre oversættelse ønskes!!

05 March, 2018

Speed up Gthumb

Importing pictures via Gthumb can take a while. If you limit the import to JPEG it will be faster. If you want to edit a RAW, you'll know the filename. So import that file.

15 February, 2018

Macbook Pro in the Classroom

So I headed to the classroom with my brand new MacBook Pro. It's a wonderfull laptop, but again the good developers from Mac had a surprise in the sleeve.

I could not use the projector!

Of course you have to buy new wires in order to do something as mundane as showing your screen to a class on a MacBook Pro. It is ok to use whatever slugs Mac fancys, but it is not ok that we have to buy new connectors every time we buy a new Mac!

Well ... on a Mac you're always the creative guy. I had to use a whiteboard, and the students had to watch the code samples on my Github repos on their own devices.

12 February, 2018

How to use Emmet in Brackets on a Mac

It's hard to find anythin on this topic: how do you write alt+ctrl+enter on a Mac. Of course the solution is:

alt+ctrl+enter = TAB on a Mac!

To be honest, I like this solution, it's simple and resembles what you do in the terminal window. 5 points for Mac here.

11 February, 2018

[Solved] Emmet in Brackets on Ubuntu

I could not install the Emmet - or other plug ins - in Brackets. The problem was the packet manager Snap. I had to remove the snap for brackes, and deleted all files related to Brackets manually. Then I downloaded the .deb package for Brackets and installed the thing. Now everything was OK, and I could install the Emmet plugin.

And Emmet is sooo cool.

28 November, 2017

Turtle Beach Grip 500 Mouse Not Working

A random error was driving me nuts: single clicks returned double clicks randomly. I had to change to an old non-gamer mouse, and everything was fine.

Warning: don't buy the Turtle Beach Grip 500 Mouse!

04 November, 2017

WordPress crash after theme update [solved]

After an update multimusen.dk became extremely slow, there was an error message. After some time I decided to do a table repair in PhpMyAdmin. So: problem solved.