16 September, 2020

WordPress Backup: I'm using All-in-One WP Migration

 Just so that I'll know what to install if WordPress or my web host should fail.

Elementor: The Onepager Trick


Here is the onepager trick for WordPress in Elementor. Just add a custom HTML block. And yes you can do likewise in Gutenberg

The code will try to jump to a HTML element with the id goTOAbout, e.g.

<aside id="goTOAbout"> Lorem </aside>

That's it. If you want smooth scroll, do this in your stylesheet:

html {
  scroll-behavior: smooth;

08 September, 2020

Google Not Accepting Chrome for Gmail

 That's a strange problem.
I cannot log in.
I cannot read gmail.
In Chrome ... !

Wyrd problemz in Discworld

19 June, 2020

[SOLVED] Latex error: danish babel package not found

The solution is:

# sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade -y
# sudo apt install texlive-full

After this upgrade Texmaker could compile the .tex files.

10 June, 2020

[SOLVED] Ubuntu 20.04: Harddisk mounts in arbitrary way

Ubuntu mount my data drive in a way, that seems arbitrary. After reboot at least my symbolic links don't work any more. Here is my solution to my problem.

08 June, 2020


The Great Drive Mystery
Tried to set up Ubuntu. The install worked fine, but mounting the data drive and giving user access to the thing was difficult. After a days work Ubuntu would not mount the drive. So all this waiting for chmod and chown was probably in vain. I'll have to figure out why Ubuntu refused to mount the drive.

Check /etc/fstab
Here is the root of the problem. The data drive was not mentioned. This is very stange. My additions to the file yesterday simply vanished. Why? I'll give it another try. Probably the desktool is buggy. Or ... ??

The Bandit Is NOT Timeshift
This is a mystery. When Timeshift makes a backup, the mounted drive seems to move ... Ubuntu will mount the external disk with a "Home" label. That is the disk label from a previous distro. So do we have our bandit here? I'm not totally convinced.

Probably this was a coincidence. In the end I installed gparted, and mounted the drive. The /etc/fstab was correct, and after several reboots this evening the system seems stable.

Or, that's what I hope.

Gparted - enter the Hero
With gparted I could mount the drive correctly. For some reasom Ubuntu's disks tool could not do the trick. With a correctly formatted /etc/fstab the drive was mounted permanently. So far so good.

GIMP Could Not Edit Files
At first I thought that this was a general permission problem. However I could not find it. After quite a lot of web research someone somewhere mentioned, that you have to give permissions to the programs in snap!

Problem solved.

Zen Koan
You search for an error,
where there is no error.
It's somewhere else. 

06 June, 2020

SDD Crash

My browser here and now: #WCEU
This is my screen here and now.
From #WCEU 2020 a fine talk about CSS.
So my OS is up and running
Sort of ...

The picture is my screen here and now. I'm following the proceedings at #WCEU on my Linux PC. For the time being the OS is OpenMandriva.

Åbyhøj Data
My SDD crashed (Kingston 120 GB ssd now 300) and the system was not able to boot at all. Strangely enough even the BIOS was unavailable. So what was wrong with the system? Åbyhøj Data was a great help here, because it's hard to find out exactly which part of the system died.

They added a new SDD, larger than the old one. So the system improved a bit. Even better: Now the PC is able to boot again. But had to get an OS somehow. The Manjaro distro was fine, however somewhat nerdy. I need a new OS.

I bougt a Linux Magazine with a DVD on the frontpage, and tried at least to boot in Linux. And succeded. First I installed OpenMandriva.

OpenMandriva - not my taste
OpenMandriva looked promising with KDE and what not, but I found literally everything uphill. Like in everything. I don't like it, and will try something a bit more userfriendly. When I looked for documentation, the online wiki was a joke. No content in several articles. Try the empty FAQ ... 

Next Stop Ubuntu
So I guess it's a hobby project or some insider project. But now I know that my system works, and I think I'll go for a Ubuntu distro. OpenMandriva was usefull here. I could burn a USB version of Ubuntu.

At least I could use the distro in order to burn a Ubuntu USB. 

The game's afoot.

03 May, 2020

[SOLVED] Yousee modem crashed in Bridge Mode

Called the Yousee support. The modem crashed when I tried to set it in Bridge Mode. They tried to reinstall the modem software.

Some hours later I tried again. After a restart, and a modem initialization everything worked.

Online again ...

02 May, 2020

Gnome Keyring: asks for password again and again and again

This morning, I thought that the solution was found, but no. I killed a google thing in the sessions, but after 7 - 8 hours the fucking problem fucking returned. Fuck!

No solution found, yet.

Now I've tried to solve this issue several years (since 2010 !) ... the Gnome keyring - or whatever it is - sucks big time, unfortunately.

How the Hell can't the Gnome team stop this pestilence? Enough is enough.

The problem has lasted for almost a decade, and no solution has worked so far.

Enough is enough. For me Gnome WAS great, once ... but it ain't no good any more. I hate to say this, but unfortunately Gnome sucks big time.

[SOLVED] Yousee damn weak wifi signal and an ultraslow connection

After a bit of research I found out why Yousee's signal sucks. The wifi signal from the router is ridiculously weak.

I gave up on the lousy Yousee modem and bought a router: Asus RT-AC66U B1. Now that's a different story.

The speed went from max 20mbs to 120mbs after attaching a router to the modem.

Speedtest after Asus router install
I still don't understand why Yousee sell such a lousy router. They get complaints about speed all of the time. Why sell an ok connection with a impotent router?

The next step is to set the YouSee router in bridge mode.