29 November, 2015

Windows 10 - a bit like Linux Mint Cinnamon

If you're fond of Linux Mint Cinnamon, then Windows 10 is not that bad at all. The start button and menu are very similar indeed.

Perhaps the Redmond designers had a very close look at the open source alternatives here. Windows 10 is very fast indeed when it comes to installing and removing programmes. If you get a version without too much bloat- and nagware it could be usefull.

I've had my reservations towards Microsoft and Windows for years and years. However this version is promising indeed.

Server for RUBY

SASS runs in a Ruby environment. So it'd be nice to be able to run a server in that environment. Many sites recommend Passenger. I think I'll try it out. Sooner or later that is ...

28 November, 2015

Last Chance for Tomtom

Tried to remove an old SD card and format a new one. Now I'm trying to reinstall everything via the new MyDrive Connect. The Windows 10 install was very, very fast. It's been a while since I said: well perhaps this Windows is ok-ish.

After the first install I got an error. No map installed. Then I tried to install a map .. lo and behold:

It actually worked!

Tomtom is up and running again - after at least 15 hours of trial and error that is.

I guess that the problem with Tomtom is totally uncomprehensible error feedback to the user. Figuring what's wrong takes a full blown clairvoyant or a reliable set of Tarot cards. "Install failed" does not say why.

And I still miss a Linux GUI ...

Xampp on Windows 10

Well, installing was easy - but I could not find a solution to programs blocking the ports. Changing the ports is uphill ...

Skype was a running process eventhough the program was not opened. Killed the process in the joblist. Try again ...

Reinstalled Xampp. Killing the Skype process in the joblist did the trick.