10 September, 2014

Bitnami - where are the app files?

I installed WordPress via Bitnami, and naturally proceeded to work with a child theme. But where are the files? Normally they should be in the same folder as WordPress. They are not. On Linux the path to these files is:


The directory is only for sudoers, så you may have to change the permissions to the folder, or edit as sudo / root. OS X may as well have to change permissions or work as the sudo.

On a linux system the quick and dirty solution is:

# sudo chmod -R 777 htdocs

On a Windows / OS X some bloggers suggest a rightclick - and then to give users read / write access. Then you're able to edit the files.

09 September, 2014

Dualboot Linux Mint on Windows 7

  1. Boot from external USB drive with DVD version installed. 
  2. All seemed ok.
In Windows 7

  • Shrinked NTFS partition with 19GB
Boot Linux Mint on USB drive.

  1. Choose Install Linux Mint "alongside them"
    (this option was'nt available when there was no empty partition available).
  2. Install (as usual language, password etc. chosen)
  3. And liftoff ....

04 September, 2014

MySQL start problems WAMPP (Xampp)

Several students had a problem with their Xampp. MySQL would not start. After some googling we found a thread on Stackoverflow with this workaround:

  • delete ibdata1
Whether this is sound advice or not I don't know. However MySQL was able to run. But I suspect that the file held information about all tables, so perhaps a repair of the entire database would be a good idea.