20 December, 2014

Yousee - Linux? No webtv.

Yousee really sucks big time. No Linux support for the web tv. Perhaps I should look for an alternative TV provider.

13 December, 2014

Boot problems

A Debian system would not boot. A file system check failed. The PC is around 6-7 years old. So perhaps the disk is old and sore.

Perhaps the whole system need a total makeover. I bought Linux Format downtown, and fired up a Slax in the RAM. The Slax file manager had mounted the local drives of the system. So by now my data could be saved.
  1. Format a USB drive for the backup.
  2. Back up all data in /home/ via rsync 
  3. Install Ubuntu U.U. - KDE version.
  4. Restore via rsync.
Worked like a charm. It seems that my very old PC just needed a brush up.