25 January, 2017

Write access to folders /var/www/html

If you want to edit files in a folder try:

# chmod -R username:www-data yourDirectory

14 January, 2017

Could not mount shared folder on VirtualBox

Workaround: created a ssh connection with the host in Ubuntu's file manager:


There were many complex solutions. This is easy. The result is the same: you'll get files in and out of the box.

09 January, 2017

Screendump: Ubuntu 16.10 and partitions
During the weekend I've build a PC:

  • GA-Z170N-Wifi
  • Seasonic X-Series 750w Power Supply
  • 8GB RAM
The OS is Ubuntu 16.10 booting from a 120GB SSD and whith /home/ on a 2TB WD harddisk.

The Moderboard in the box 

Unboxing the motherbard

Antenna, SATA-cables, shield 
The motherboard

The CPU mounted on the board


The cooler fan mounted

Oh, and with foreground RAM. Notice the nice bokeh.

The cabinet

The cabinet and wires

Here the shield is mounted on the cabinet.

The power supply. Seasonic X.


The cabinet with sides mounted

The first trialboot. Linux Mint worked from a DVD. But not on the harddrive.

Ubuntu ran like a charm.

The finished PC. Booted with Linux. To the left my trusty work laptop.

All systems up and running. Alertlevel Green.

08 January, 2017


Trying to config a new PC. Linux runs from a DVD, but the Mint / Ubuntu install crashes. I've tried all sorts of UEFI enable, diable and what not. Now I'm trying another distro: Ubuntu Studio.

Linux Mint kept crashing.

So I turned to Ubuntu 16.10. Noproblemo. Everything worked. However I did not set up the 2TB backup drive yet. That's for tomorrow.

The plan is to move /home/ to the 2GB drive.

Solution: drop mint, use Ubuntu 16.10