25 April, 2018

Ubuntu up and running

Strange. Almost gave up on Ubuntu. But next morning it was just:

apt update && apt upgrade
apt dist-upgrade

... and BINGO - the thing just worked as a charm.

The next step will be add the harddrive with the user data and configure the user access but that's not for now.

24 April, 2018

[Solved] Ubuntu crash

Today Ubuntu crashed after an update. The / drive was overfull, and there was no way I cold delete anything. Tried to install Linux from the original 16.10 disk. But then it was impossible to update. I tried sevearal installs, but every time something went wrong.

Now I'm fed up with Ubuntu. Perhaps this is the time to change the distro?

My head is full of four-lettered words, and most of them end with ck ...  Right now Ubuntu behaves a bit like ... oh horror ... Winslows.