30 July, 2013

At geninstallere Libreoffice

Fjernede alt der hed noget med openoffice og libreoffice. Geninstallerede efter mange, mange, mange forsøg. Ved ikke hvorfor det lykkedes til sidst: apt-get install libreoffice ...

Hurtigste Debian repository

# apt-get install netselect-apt

Derefter køres netselect-apt som root. Programmet overskriver sources.list; men laver en backup af originalfilen.

Libre Office - regnearket kan ikke regne

Regnearket kan ikke lægge tal sammen mere. Jeg ved ikke hvad det skyldes.

19 July, 2013


Indholdet af min .twmrc lige nu:

# Default twm configuration file; needs to be kept small to conserve string
# space in systems whose compilers don't handle medium-sized strings.
# Sites should tailor this file, providing any extra title buttons, menus, etc.
# that may be appropriate for their environment.  For example, if most of the
# users were accustomed to uwm, the defaults could be set up not to decorate
# any windows and to use meta-keys.

TitleFont "-adobe-helvetica-bold-r-normal--*-130-*-*-*-*-*-*"
ResizeFont "-adobe-helvetica-bold-r-normal--*-130-*-*-*-*-*-*"
MenuFont "-adobe-helvetica-bold-r-normal--*-130-*-*-*-*-*-*"

# Icons
#IconFont "-adobe-helvetica-bold-r-normal--*-100-*-*-*-*-*-*"
IconManagerFont "-adobe-helvetica-bold-r-normal--*-130-*-*-*"
#IconRegion "800-700-20-29-North-East-72-72"
IconManagerGeometry "300+0+0"


BorderColor         "#303639"
DefaultBackground   "White"
DefaultForeground   "Black"

TitleBackground     "white"
TitleForeground     "Black"

MenuTitleBackground "Black"
MenuTitleForeground "White"

MenuBackground      "#FFFFFF"
MenuForeground      "#303639"

MenuShadowColor     "#303639"
MenuBorderColor     "#303639"

# xv ~/.twm/walls/greyrock.gif -root -quit
# xli /home/per/Billeder/baggrunde/starfleet5_wall.jpg

# Define some useful functions for motion-based actions.
MoveDelta 3
Function "move-or-lower" { f.move f.deltastop f.lower }
Function "move-or-raise" { f.move f.deltastop f.raise }
Function "move-or-iconify" { f.move f.deltastop f.iconify }

# Set some useful bindings.  Sort of uwm-ish, sort of simple-button-ish
Button1 = : root : f.menu "main"
Button2 = : root : f.menu "windowops"

Button1 = m : window|icon : f.function "move-or-lower"
Button2 = m : window|icon : f.iconify
Button3 = m : window|icon : f.function "move-or-raise"

Button1 = : title : f.function "move-or-raise"
Button2 = : title : f.raiselower

Button1 = : icon : f.function "move-or-iconify"
Button2 = : icon : f.iconify

Button1 = : iconmgr : f.iconify
Button2 = : iconmgr : f.iconify

# And a menus with the usual things

menu "main"
"Hvad vil du?" f.title
"" f.nop
"Terminal" f.exec "gnome-terminal &"
"Spotify" f.exec "spotify &"
"Opera" f.exec "opera &"
"Chrome" f.exec "google-chrome --enable-plugins &"
"Lyx" f.exec "lyx"
"Libre Office" f.exec "libreoffice &"
#"Baggrund" f.exec "feh --bg-fill /home/per/Billeder/baggrunde/starfleet5_wall.jpg"
"Filezilla" f.exec "filezilla &"
"Debian" f.menu "/Debian"
"" f.nop
"Show Icon Manager" f.showiconmgr
"Hide Icon Manager" f.hideiconmgr
"" f.nop
"Exit" f.menu "Quit-Verify"

menu "Quit-Verify"
"Vil du stoppe?" f.title
"Nej, genstart TWM" f.restart
"Ja da - stop TWM" f.quit

menu "windowops"
"Indstillinger for vinduer" f.title
"" f.nop
"Iconify" f.iconify
"Resize" f.resize
"Move" f.move
"Raise" f.raise
"Lower" f.lower
"" f.nop
"Focus" f.focus
"Unfocus" f.unfocus
"" f.nop
"Delete" f.delete
"Destroy" f.destroy

# Automatically generated file. Do not edit (see /usr/share/doc/menu/html/index.html)

menu "/Debian/Help"
  "Info"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator  -T \"Info\" -e sh -c \"info\" &"
  "TeXdoctk"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/texdoctk &"
  "Xman"    f.exec  "xman &"
  "yelp"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/yelp &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/Accessibility"
  "The GNOME Onscreen Keyboard"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/gok &"
  "Xmag"    f.exec  "xmag &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/Data Management"
  "Gtodo"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/gtodo &"
  "LibreOffice Base"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/libreoffice --base &"
  "Tomboy"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/tomboy &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/File Management"
  "Baobab"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/baobab &"
  "Brasero"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/brasero &"
  "File-Roller"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/file-roller &"
  "GNOME Search Tool"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/gnome-search-tool &"
  "luckybackup"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/luckybackup &"
  "mc"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator  -T \"mc\" -e sh -c \"/usr/bin/mc\" &"
  "Nautilus"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/nautilus &"
  "PCManFM"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/pcmanfm &"
  "Xarchiver"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/xarchiver &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/Fremvisere"
  "comix"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/comix &"
  "Evince"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/evince &"
  "Eye of GNOME"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/eog &"
  "Shotwell"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/shotwell &"
  "Xditview"    f.exec  "xditview &"
  "XDvi"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/xdvi &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/Grafik"
  "Agave"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/agave &"
  "ImageMagick"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/display.im6 logo: &"
  "Inkscape"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/inkscape &"
  "Kino"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/kino &"
  "LibreOffice Draw"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/libreoffice --draw &"
  "RawTherapee"    f.exec  "rawtherapee &"
  "The GIMP"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/gimp &"
  "XSane"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/xsane &"
  "X Window Snapshot"    f.exec  "xwd | xwud &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/Internetudvikling"
  "Bluefish"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/bluefish &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/Kommandoskaller"
  "Bash"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator  -T \"Bash\" -e sh -c \"/bin/bash --login\" &"
  "Dash"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator  -T \"Dash\" -e sh -c \"/bin/dash -i\" &"
  "Sh"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator  -T \"Sh\" -e sh -c \"/bin/sh --login\" &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/Kontorpakker"
  "HPLIP Fax address book"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/hp-fab &"
  "HPLIP Fax utility"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/hp-sendfax &"
  "LibreOffice Calc"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/libreoffice --calc &"
  "LibreOffice Impress"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/libreoffice --impress &"
  "LibreOffice Writer"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/libreoffice --writer &"
  "LyX Document Processor"    f.exec  "lyx &"
  "Vym"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/vym &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/Lyd"
  "AlsaPlayer"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/alsaplayer -i gtk2 &"
  "Echomixer"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/echomixer &"
  "Envy24 control"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/envy24control &"
  "grecord (GNOME 2.0 Recorder)"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/gnome-sound-recorder &"
  "Grip"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/grip &"
  "gtkGuitune"    f.exec  "gtkguitune &"
  "HDSPConf"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/hdspconf &"
  "HDSPMixer"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/hdspmixer &"
  "Rhythmbox"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/rhythmbox &"
  "ripperX"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/ripperX &"
  "Rmedigicontrol"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/rmedigicontrol &"
  "Sound Juicer"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/sound-juicer &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/Network/File Transfer"
  "FileZilla"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/filezilla &"
  "qBittorrent"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/qbittorrent &"
  "Transmission BitTorrent Client (GTK)"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/transmission-gtk &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/Network/Internetbrowsere"
  "Epiphany web browser"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/epiphany-browser &"
  "Google Chrome"    f.exec  "/opt/google/chrome/google-chrome &"
  "Iceweasel"    f.exec  "iceweasel &"
  "Lynx-cur"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator  -T \"Lynx-cur\" -e sh -c \"lynx\" &"
  "Opera"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/opera &"
  "w3m"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator  -T \"w3m\" -e sh -c \"/usr/bin/w3m /usr/share/doc/w3m/MANUAL.html\" &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/Network/Kommunikation"
  "aMSN"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/amsn &"
  "Ekiga"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/ekiga &"
  "Evolution"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/evolution &"
  "GNOME Remote Desktop Client"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/gnome-rdp &"
  "grdesktop"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/grdesktop &"
  "Mutt"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator  -T \"Mutt\" -e sh -c \"/usr/bin/mutt\" &"
  "Remmina"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/remmina &"
  "Telnet"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator  -T \"Telnet\" -e sh -c \"/usr/bin/telnet\" &"
  "Vinagre"    f.exec  "vinagre &"
  "Xbiff"    f.exec  "xbiff &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/Network/Monitoring"
  "Firestarter"    f.exec  "su-to-root -X -c /usr/sbin/firestarter &"
  "WiFi Radar"    f.exec  "su-to-root -X -c /usr/sbin/wifi-radar &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/Network/Nyhedskilder"
  "Liferea"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/liferea &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/Network"
  "File Transfer" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/Network/File Transfer"
  "Internetbrowsere" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/Network/Internetbrowsere"
  "Kommunikation" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/Network/Kommunikation"
  "Monitoring" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/Network/Monitoring"
  "Nyhedskilder" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/Network/Nyhedskilder"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/Programmering"
  "IDLE (Python IDE)"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/idle &"
  "IDLE (Python v2.6)"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/idle-python2.6 -n &"
  "IDLE (Python v2.7)"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/idle-python2.7 &"
  "Python (v2.6)"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator  -T \"Python (v2.6)\" -e sh -c \"/usr/bin/python2.6\" &"
  "Python (v2.7)"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator  -T \"Python (v2.7)\" -e sh -c \"/usr/bin/python2.7\" &"
  "Qt Designer"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/designer-qt4 &"
  "Ruby (irb1.8)"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator  -T \"Ruby (irb1.8)\" -e sh -c \"/usr/bin/irb1.8\" &"
  "Ruby (irb1.9.1)"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator  -T \"Ruby (irb1.9.1)\" -e sh -c \"/usr/bin/irb1.9.1\" &"
  "Sun Java 6 Web Start"    f.exec  "/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun- -viewer &"
  "Tclsh8.4"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator  -T \"Tclsh8.4\" -e sh -c \"/usr/bin/tclsh8.4\" &"
  "Tclsh8.5"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator  -T \"Tclsh8.5\" -e sh -c \"/usr/bin/tclsh8.5\" &"
  "TkWish8.5"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator -e /usr/bin/wish8.5 &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/System/Administration"
  "ClamTk ClamAV GUI"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/clamtk &"
  "Debian Task selector"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator  -T \"Debian Task selector\" -e sh -c \"su-to-root -c tasksel\" &"
  "Disk Manager"    f.exec  "/usr/sbin/disk-manager &"
  "Editres"    f.exec  "editres &"
  "Gnome Control Center"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/gnome-control-center &"
  "GNOME Network Tool"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/gnome-nettool &"
  "HPLIP File printing"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/hp-print &"
  "luckybackup (super user)"    f.exec  "su-to-root -X -c /usr/bin/luckybackup &"
  "LXAppearance"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/lxappearance &"
  "Network Admin"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/network-admin &"
  "Openbox Configuration Manager"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/obconf &"
  "QtConfig"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/qtconfig-qt4 &"
  "Reportbug"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator  -T \"Reportbug\" -e sh -c \"/usr/bin/reportbug --exit-prompt\" &"
  "Reportbug (GTK+)"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/reportbug --exit-prompt --ui gtk2 &"
  "Services Admin"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/services-admin &"
  "Shares Admin"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/shares-admin &"
  "Sun Java 6 Plugin Control Panel"    f.exec  "/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun- &"
  "System Information"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/hardinfo &"
  "TeXconfig"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator  -T \"TeXconfig\" -e sh -c \"/usr/bin/texconfig\" &"
  "Time Admin"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/time-admin &"
  "User accounts Admin"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/users-admin &"
  "Xclipboard"    f.exec  "xclipboard &"
  "Xfontsel"    f.exec  "xfontsel &"
  "Xkill"    f.exec  "xkill &"
  "Xrefresh"    f.exec  "xrefresh &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/System/Hardware"
  "HPLIP Toolbox"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/hp-toolbox &"
  "Xvidtune"    f.exec  "xvidtune &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/System/Monitoring"
  "GNOME system monitor"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/gnome-system-monitor &"
  "LXRandR"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/lxrandr &"
  "Pstree"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator  -T \"Pstree\" -e sh -c \"/usr/bin/pstree.x11\" &"
  "Sun Java 6 VisualVM"    f.exec  "/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun- &"
  "Top"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator  -T \"Top\" -e sh -c \"/usr/bin/top\" &"
  "Xconsole"    f.exec  "xconsole -file /dev/xconsole &"
  "Xev"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator -e xev &"
  "Xload"    f.exec  "xload &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/System/Package Management"
  "Aptitude Package Manager (text)"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator  -T \"Aptitude Package Manager (text)\" -e sh -c \"/usr/bin/aptitude-curses\" &"
  "Synaptic Package Manager"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator -e synaptic-pkexec &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/System/Sikkerhed"
  "Seahorse"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/seahorse &"
  "Sun Java 6 Policy Tool"    f.exec  "/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun- &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/System"
  "Administration" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/System/Administration"
  "Hardware" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/System/Hardware"
  "Monitoring" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/System/Monitoring"
  "Package Management" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/System/Package Management"
  "Sikkerhed" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/System/Sikkerhed"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/Tekst"
  "Character map"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/gucharmap &"
  "GNOME Dictionary"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/gnome-dictionary &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/Tekstredigering"
  "Gedit"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/gedit &"
  "LeafPad"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/leafpad &"
  "Nano"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator  -T \"Nano\" -e sh -c \"/bin/nano\" &"
  "Xedit"    f.exec  "xedit &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/Terminalemulatorer"
  "Gnome Terminal"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/gnome-terminal &"
  "LXTerminal"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/lxterminal &"
  "XTerm"    f.exec  "xterm &"
  "X-Terminal as root (GKsu)"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/gksu -u root /usr/bin/x-terminal-emulator &"
  "XTerm (Unicode)"    f.exec  "uxterm &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/Videnskab/Astronomi"
  "Celestia (Gnome)"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/celestia-gnome &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/Videnskab/Matematik"
  "Bc"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator  -T \"Bc\" -e sh -c \"/usr/bin/bc\" &"
  "Dc"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator  -T \"Dc\" -e sh -c \"/usr/bin/dc\" &"
  "galculator"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/galculator &"
  "GCalcTool"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/gcalctool &"
  "Gnuplot"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator  -T \"Gnuplot\" -e sh -c \"/usr/bin/gnuplot\" &"
  "LibreOffice Math"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/libreoffice --math &"
  "Xcalc"    f.exec  "xcalc &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/Videnskab/Udviklingsprogrammer"
  "Dia"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/dia-normal &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/Videnskab"
  "Astronomi" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/Videnskab/Astronomi"
  "Matematik" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/Videnskab/Matematik"
  "Udviklingsprogrammer" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/Videnskab/Udviklingsprogrammer"
menu "/Debian/Programmer/Video"
  "Totem"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/totem &"
  "WinFF"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/winff &"
  "xbmc"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/xbmc &"
  "xine Media Player"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/xine &"
menu "/Debian/Programmer"
  "Accessibility" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/Accessibility"
  "Data Management" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/Data Management"
  "File Management" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/File Management"
  "Fremvisere" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/Fremvisere"
  "Grafik" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/Grafik"
  "Internetudvikling" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/Internetudvikling"
  "Kommandoskaller" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/Kommandoskaller"
  "Kontorpakker" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/Kontorpakker"
  "Lyd" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/Lyd"
  "Network" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/Network"
  "Programmering" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/Programmering"
  "System" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/System"
  "Tekst" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/Tekst"
  "Tekstredigering" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/Tekstredigering"
  "Terminalemulatorer" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/Terminalemulatorer"
  "Videnskab" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/Videnskab"
  "Video" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer/Video"
menu "/Debian/Screen/Locking"
  "Lock Screen (XScreenSaver)"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/xscreensaver-command -lock &"
menu "/Debian/Screen/Saving"
  "Activate ScreenSaver (Next)"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/xscreensaver-command -next &"
  "Activate ScreenSaver (Previous)"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/xscreensaver-command -prev &"
  "Activate ScreenSaver (Random)"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/xscreensaver-command -activate &"
  "Demo Screen Hacks"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/xscreensaver-command -demo &"
  "Disable XScreenSaver"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/xscreensaver-command -exit &"
  "Enable XScreenSaver"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/xscreensaver &"
  "Reinitialize XScreenSaver"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/xscreensaver-command -restart &"
  "ScreenSaver Preferences"    f.exec  "/usr/bin/xscreensaver-command -prefs &"
menu "/Debian/Screen"
  "Locking" f.menu "/Debian/Screen/Locking"
  "Saving" f.menu "/Debian/Screen/Saving"
menu "/Debian/Spil/Board"
  "GnuChess"    f.exec  "x-terminal-emulator  -T \"GnuChess\" -e sh -c \"/usr/games/gnuchess\" &"
menu "/Debian/Spil/Kortspil"
  "Gnome FreeCell"    f.exec  "/usr/games/sol --variation freecell &"
  "Gnome Solitaire Games"    f.exec  "/usr/games/sol &"
menu "/Debian/Spil/Toys"
  "Oclock"    f.exec  "oclock &"
  "Xclock (analog)"    f.exec  "xclock -analog &"
  "Xclock (digital)"    f.exec  "xclock -digital -update 1 &"
  "Xeyes"    f.exec  "xeyes &"
  "Xlogo"    f.exec  "xlogo &"
menu "/Debian/Spil"
  "Board" f.menu "/Debian/Spil/Board"
  "Kortspil" f.menu "/Debian/Spil/Kortspil"
  "Toys" f.menu "/Debian/Spil/Toys"
menu "/Debian/Window Managers"
 "Openbox" f.startwm "/usr/bin/openbox"
 "Twm" f.startwm "twm"
menu "/Debian"
  "Help" f.menu "/Debian/Help"
  "Programmer" f.menu "/Debian/Programmer"
  "Screen" f.menu "/Debian/Screen"
  "Spil" f.menu "/Debian/Spil"
  "Window Managers" f.menu "/Debian/Window Managers"

18 July, 2013

Foto - skarpe billeder med zoom

Foto 100mm :: 1/125 sek.

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LXDE unmount SD card

> Menu > Tilbehør > Diskredskab

  1. Unmount drevet
  2. Fjern sikkert
  3. Tag SD kort ud

LXDE desktop background image

# pcmanfm --desktop-pref

13 July, 2013

Baggrund i TWM

TWM henter sin baggrund fra GDM i Debian. Derfor glemmer TWM valget af baggrund når sessionen slutter. Hvis TWM skal have en pænere baggrund, så må en ny vælges i GDM. Det burde være let; men processen virker umiddelbart lidt nørdet. For mig virkede det her:

  1. Åbn terminal alt+ctrl+f1 
  2. sudo -i 
  3. invoke-rc.d gdm3 stop
  4. cd /usr/share/gdm/dconf/
  5. nano 10-desktop-base-settings
Filen kan se sådan ud - stien til billedet skal svare til et billede, som root har adgang til når der bootes:

Herefter skal gdm3 konfigureres:

  • dpkg-reconfigure gdm3
  • invoke-rc.d gdm3 start
Log ind - fra en forhåbentlig pænere entré til Debian.

04 July, 2013

Mac AMP server

Mac systemerne bygger på en Unix kerne. Apache og PHP skal blot aktiveres. Gør sådan:

Apache og PHP
PHP er allerede installeret. Apache aktiveres i
> systemindstillinger > deling

Hvor er filerne så?

# ~/Sites/

Filerne fra .dmg pakken skal installeres.
Hent dem på http://mysql.com
Derefter klik på "MySQL Preference pane" i installationspakken.
Så starter Mysql.

Husk at oprette en bruger med rettigheder til hvadsomhelst:

  • cd /usr/local/mysql/bin
  • ./mysql
  • CREATE USER 'name'@'localhost' identifyed by 'secretPassword';
  • GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'name'@'localhost'

Installeres i mappen ~/Sites/phpmyadmin

  • cd ~/Sistes/phpmyadmin
  • mkdir config
  • chmod o+rw config
  • Log på
  • NB: konfigureres fra ../phpmyadmin/setup

Install MySQL on Mac


02 July, 2013

Apple Script og Kommandoer