29 November, 2018

Mac: fan running like mad

Now the CPU load seems normal

Problem: Fan running like mad. In top the CPU load was 80-90%. Only a few programs were opened, like Chrome, Atom and MAMP.


  1. Click  > sleep
  2. Wake the system up
  3. Click  > restart
Then the system acted normal.  A simple and effective cure for a weird behavior in the OS.

Compiz: Widow decoration invisible

Problem: Now and then after a reboot or restart of the system the window decorations disappear.

Solution: Open the Compiz Settings Manager and set a mark at "Enable Window Decorator" (translated from Danish - I'm not sure that these are the correct English wording, but see the illustration).

09 November, 2018

Outlook encrypt mail in a browser

Just click on the encrypt icon
In Europe I guess we have to encrypt our mails, at least when they contain sensitive personal information. I'm not sure whether this form of encryption is very secure, but at least I guess that the data is encrypted during transit.

  1. Write your mail
  2. Click encrypt
  3. Click the send icon

Problem: Send encrypted mail via Outlook to Gmail

You're told that a code will be sent to the email, however the code never arrived to gmail. If it's a standard issue, this encrypt system is useless. You cannot expect that all will use Outlook.