29 March, 2017

mplayer and .pls

A SomaFM stream in the shell.

Here's a how to play SomaFM's playlist "Groove Salad":

# mplayer -cache 1000 -cache-min 80 \
# -playlist http://somafm.com/groovesalad256.pls

NB: In the terminal it's just one line of code. The "\" marks the linebreak.

25 March, 2017

OGP test

My link on Blogger:


Compared to pasting my link on Twitter:

For some reason the image isn't visible on Facebook.

Unfortunately Blogger doesn't use the OGP. Or at least so it seems.

01 March, 2017

Strange Pandoc Error Message

Got the error message: "Reference book not found" from citeproc. However the problem was not the reference. The problem was a code section. By mistake I had only three tildes. So I looked for the error, where the error was not.