27 September, 2015

Get read and write permissiongs to shared WordPress (or other) folders

It's so nice to be able to edit your themes in the File Manager

This works like a magick spell:
# sudo groupadd tomandruser

Now that the group exists, add the two users to it:

# sudo usermod -a -G tomandruser tomcat6
# sudo usermod -a -G tomandruser ruser

Now all that's left is to set the permissions on the directory:

# sudo chgrp -R tomandruser /path/to/the/directory
# sudo chmod -R 770 /path/to/the/directory

( See Andrew Lambert's proposal no. 71 in this thread )

On my localhost I decided to share the WordPress themes folder in this way. Here's what I did on my Debian-based system:

  1. Created the goup called webeditor
  2. Added my user to the group.
Added www-data to the same group.
  1. Changed the themes/ folder to the webeditor group.
  2. Changed the permissions of the themes folder to 777.

Now I only need to create a folder and ln -s to the themes folder. Then it's possible to edit themes at log in via the symbolic link:

# ln -s /var/lib/wordpress/wp-content/themes/ ~/wpthemes

But when WordPress or the user create their own stuff, it looks like this:

$ ls -l
totalt 16
drwxr-xr-x 6 www-data www-data  4096 sep 27 09:23 dusk-to-dawn
drwxrws--- 7 www-data webeditor 4096 sep 27 09:33 twentyfifteen
drwxrwx--- 9 www-data webeditor 4096 sep 26 19:30 twentyfourteen
drwxr-xr-x 2 per      per       4096 sep 27 09:52 x

So you can edit the files, but have to change the permissons to folders installed by WordPress.

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