17 December, 2015

Lo and Behold! My BibTex compiler works ...

A (oh horror!) .docx file in Libre Office

In order to make a literature review I need to compile a MySQL table in the BibTex format.

Now I've got a file, that looks pretty much like a BibTex formatted file. It's compiled from a MySQL database and the output is formatted by PHP.

In the php code this loop will format the output:

while($row = $result->fetch_assoc()){
    $books[] = "\n@". $row['Type'] 
     ."{" . strtoupper( substr($row['Author'], 0,4)) 
     . "_" . $row['Year']
     . ",\n Author={" . $row['Author'] . "},\n"
     . "Title={" . $row['Title'] . "},\n"
     . "Publisher={" . $row['Where'] . "},\n"
     . "Year=" . $row['Year'] . "}\n";

I made a simple markdown file and compiled it with pandoc. The result was a .docx file.

Here is the output from the database formatted via PHP:

Publisher={Hans Reitzels Forlag},

etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

The markdown contains a reference to a book in the BibTex file:


Finally the markdown is compiled via pandoc thus:

# pandoc --bibliography=libri.bib test.md -o test.docx

The image above is a screendump from the docx-file in Libre Office. I only refered to Aristoteles, and that's the only work in the list of sources.

Ergo: Q.E.D.

That is: this is just a toolbox. The next step is literature research for the WordPress and Open Source CMS Research Project @ Business Academy Aarhus. And perhaps: come up with title with > x-factor.

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