08 June, 2015

Burning a Raspian

Burning a rapianpi SD-CARD became quite a challenge. My Laptop with Linux Mint could not do the trick. I tried and tried all afternoon. And a bit of the evening too. Stuff like: gparted, diskwriter etc. etc. etc.

Apache running my style tile.

But what worked. My seven year old server is a Debian KDE. It was just a matter of putting the darn card into the slot. Rightclick. Then format. Finally burn. That's it.

However, Raspian never booted, so I decided to try Noobs. I formatted the SD-card to Fat32 in KDE, noprobleo, copyed the Noobs files to the SD card, noproblemo, booted the Pi noproblemo.

So now the Pi is up and running.

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