24 February, 2021

Macbook: How to remove Siri

Unfortunately you can't remove Siri completely. That's an option I miss in this OS.

But you can ignore the bitch. Above you see my settings. Just turn off whatever you see: show on menubar and set "Ask Siri" to off.

On the touchbar Siri is placed on a really annoying position. At least for me - Siri started every time my fingers touched the bar by accident. 

Siri is not a service. It's a pestilence. 

Now I hope that Siri is silenced at last - but I would prefer if Apple asked permission before installing this crap-ware.

12 February, 2021

Git ignore .DS_Store from Mac

These files are soooo annoying ... and what a waste of time it is to delete them all.

In .gitignore add this:


25 January, 2021

MS Powerpoint - if you cannot copy paste a link try this

 I tried and tried to insert a hyperlink in MS PowerPoint. Such a thing ought to be a no-brainer. But no. As usual either Mac or Microsoft or both in a sinister conspiration decided that this simple task shoul seem impossible.

But there is a stupid wordaround:

  • SHIFT + CMD + V
  • Insert unformatted text
  • Now you can paste the link string
  • Copy the #€%&/& link again
  • Now you can paste the link in the link insert thing
Don't tell me that the window based programs are more easy to use than a terminal. What a silly waste of time. 

PS: Please, don't tell Mac or Microsoft about this hack ...

[Solved] Mac: Finder - shortcuts to the left disapperared

 Whaaat ... after a restart all shortcuts are gone. Access to the Desktop, Documents etc are all gone. How can we get them back again?

Here's a solution:

  • In the bar to the left click on the > next to Favorites
  • Badaboom!

Based on: this post

22 January, 2021

How to "Page Up" and similar on a Mac

 On a Mac you need to know the hidden secrets of the art. Here are some of the practical keys you'll miss from other OS's keyboards:

  • Home: Cmd + ↑
  • End: Cmd + ↓
  • PageUp: Fn + ↑
  • PageDown: Fn + ↓
  • End: Fn + Cmd + 🠒

10 January, 2021

Ubuntu: How to open a browser window in a URL via Bash

"I want a fast way to open a browser in a specific URL from a folder.

Here is a solution in Bash. Create a file like this:

# open url in chrome
xdg-open https://whateverURL.whot

Now save the file, as myURL.sh or similar. Remember to make the file executable:

# chmod a+x myURL.sh

Now you can run the file from your favorite terminal:

# ./myURL.sh

Works on: Linux / Ubuntu.

11 December, 2020

[ Solved ] Gitkraken - get out of full screen

Idiotic UI error in Gitkraken
This is an idiotic UX error in Gikraken's UI. The program starts in full screen, and there is no button or anything that will tell you how to get out of the mess. The solution is:

shift + control + F

11 November, 2020

WordPress: change the order of posts

  • Change the publish date
  • Make sure that the one you want to se first will be the most recent post ;-)
Since the posts are sorted by publication date this hack will change the order of your posts.

30 October, 2020

Minify or Remove new Lines from a File

For a WordPress plugin I need a program, that will remove any new lines in html. Then you can use the code in a PHP variable. In practise this is what a minifier does. There are many online tools, but I'd prefer to do it myself.

In Bash - that is Linux or Mac terminals - you can do this with just one line of code. First save your markup in a file test.html via your most trusted editor. 

Then do this:

#  tr -d '\n' < test.html > test.min.html

Understand this code:

  • tr = translate characters
  • -d = delete
  • '\n' = new line
  • < test.htm = from the file test.html
  • > test.min.html = save the result to the file test.min.html


26 October, 2020

[ SOLVED ] Mac: Onedrive

 I had some issues with Mac and onedrive. I used Outlook via a browser, mostly Chrome. That was no good idea. There were no error messages from the Onedrive app. I had a hunch and installed Outlook on Mac.

Et voila: that did the trick.