08 August, 2019

DSLR: Force Sharper Images on Night Pictures

Night photo: F8, ISO 100, shutter decided by Sony SLR-A58

If you want a photo that is sharp all over you could select an aperture priority, and just shoot. But then the camera will try to get an image with a fast shutter speed. In order to do so the ISO-number will rise. As a consequence the image quality will suffer.

Here is a simple recipe:

  • Set aperture to F8
  • Set ISO to around 100 to 400 or so
  • Let the camera calculate the shutter speed
As a result of these settings you will get a fine depth of field because the aperture is F8. The camera cannot choose a lousy quality of the image, because the ISO is defined as 100 or a bit more. Since the ISO and aperture are fixed the camera is forced to calculate a longer shutterspeed - and as a consequence your picture will be sharper with more details. 

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